About us

EDEN RIVER is an independent private corporate finance house which specialises primarily in corporate and institutional debt advisory services. It has a particular focus in advising its partners – investors, whether institutional or private, in respect of investing in debt products, funds and other financial investments and regulatory requirements. It also, on occasions, advises issuers of corporate debt and other borrowers.

EDEN RIVER and its co-operation partners believe in “Ethical Investing”. An ethical investment is an investment in an entity or product where the entity or originator of the financial product behaves in an ethical and respectful manner in all aspects of the business it carries on. EDEN RIVER will, on behalf of its partners, undertake investigations and analysis of the activities and behaviour of potential investments to ensure these meet the requirements of being ethical investments. These services are undertaken through our two divisions, the corporate finance advisory division and the research and analytics division.

The EDEN RIVER teams are made up of leading European specialists in corporate and structured finance who have extensive experience in working with investment banks, arrangers and investors on a large variety of transactions in Europe, Asia and the United States. Based in Copenhagen, Zurich, London and New York, we have made a commitment to advancing ethical behaviour in the world of corporate and debt finance. Our research team has extensive experience in corporate regulation and compliance advising market stakeholders including governments, regulatory authorities, corporations, institutional investors, and family offices.

All of EDEN RIVER’S business partners, whether they be issuers of debt instruments, arrangers, investors or professional advisers to any of them must first be approved by the Advisory Board. Institutions, corporates or persons who do not agree to behave, or act, in an ethical manner will not be able to be one of our partners.

EDEN RIVER reserves the right to withdraw as a participant or adviser in respect of any transaction where it feels that a business partner or stakeholder has not acted, or may not act, in an ethically acceptable manner. Tax avoidance, disregard for lawful regulatory requirements, disregard for environmental regulation or disregard for social or moral norms are examples of behaviour which are not considered ethically acceptable. Respect for all parties involved whether as individuals or as part of an organisation and regardless of gender, race, religion or culture is a key element of ethical behaviour.

The ethical ratings produced by Eden River prepared for the clients of Eden River only. They are made on the basis of our experience and knowledge and understanding of the ethical criteria set out in the Eden River Methodology and Position papers as agreed and accepted by our clients.

Eden River does not publish nor publicize in any way, any report or the ethical rating of any company. Reports are confidential documents which are made exclusively for the clients of Eden River on the basis of the criteria accepted by them for making ethical investments and are not discussed with any rated company prior to a rating. For regulatory and ethical reasons, the reports are based only on publicly available information.

The Eden River Advisory Board is made up of four members who represent some of Denmark’s leading companies and investors. Each of the members has considerable experience with Danish and global business and are highly regarded within the Danish business community for their personal integrity and ethical approach. The role of the Advisory Board is to assist Eden River in relation to ethical issues regarding Eden River’s advisory business as well as in making determinations regarding assessments of ethical investments.

Members of the Advisory Board receive no remuneration for their work on the Board and each member has provided a list of companies on which they are unable to advise Eden River due to personal or business connections.